Volunteers opportunities


« These four months with ATE-co were unforgettable mainly due to all the mixing emotions you can feel as a volunteer within this project. Indeed, most of the people I met in that time was more in need than any human being I have ever met, it was hard to see it with my own eyes and this is something you cannot get used to. However in the meantime, what I remember the most today is the unstoppable smile and the deeply kindness of all these Filipinos I met. Thanks to program, I had the chance to work, live and learn with the most generous and inspiring people I have ever met so far. »  Chloé Bailleul


“Between the very technical missions that can seem far from an engineering work and the management times where I had to lead almost 10 persons on a topic that I have not been trained for, which were for me a first in my professional life, I could not expect a more complete and rewarding internship. The ties I developed with the team and Palasan people, cut off from every landmark of my French way of life, made me experience not only a professional revolutionizing adventure but also a shattering life step that will have an impact on my future choices.” Henri Souville

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